Take a Damn Vacation

Taking a vacation is one of the best things you can do for your business. 

How in the world does that work?  Should I be busy “grindin”?

For sure.  Grind all you want.  Now and later.  

But you also need to leave.  

You need to see what happens when you’re not around.

What breaks.  

How people are treated.  

If your business continues to grow.  

Who steps up.


And yeah, things will break.  But that’s ok.  

That is the point.  

My recommendation is to take your vacations in the following progression.  First year, a long weekend.  Second year, a week.  Third year, 10-14 days.  Fourth year, 3 weeks to a month.  

That way, the things that break will be in proportion to the stage of your business.  

During a long weekend, a few things might go imperfectly.  No big deal.  Nothing that bad can happen in 3-4 days.  And the things that can would have happened whether or not you were there or not.

Then, you’ll come back and fix those things, putting processes in place to ensure they don’t happen again. 

The next year, when you leave for a week, the stakes will be slightly higher.  A few more things might go wrong.  But same as before, you’ll fix them and put processes in place to ensure they don’t happen again.  

Same instances for the longer trips.  

But the only way you’ll find out where your leaks are is to leave.  

And bonus, you get to take a vacation and call it work!